TEN connects people to tech, equipping children, adults and educators with information and practical support to pursue their tech ambitions.


Our Mission

The Tech Education Network (TEN) exists to connect the tech community with our wider society, equipping  children and adults with information, practical resources and training through its networks, knowledge sharing and programme delivery.


We believe everyone should have the chance to learn tech.  Through our peer network, practical resources and training we want to inspire you.  We design new adult courses and share about existing programmes that mean anyone can learn!


Increasingly technology will become more central in our lives.  We believe the right mix of creativity and tech will equip our children ahead, giving them deep roots to live in the world they create.  We love being able to help them in this.


We have the same goal as our educators – to teach what is relevant in a way that comes alive to students.  We are here to support you in this goal, providing you with network access, information and resources relevant to those you teach.

Our Network

We work with a mix volunteers and professionals from across the Tech spectrum who have shown interest in tech outreach and education delivery.

These amazing people are qualified to work with youth, with many of them already experienced NI STEM Ambassadors.

Our network also includes those keen to work with mums, young adults, men’s groups – so let us know how our tech community can help!

Work with us!

If you are working in or studying tech or design, and would like to work on projects or volunteer with us or our members, please get in touch at anytime. We support Code Club & Coder Dojo volunteers, festivals, career fairs, STEM & STEAM events, as well as our own adult & child learning programs we run under the TEN banner. Get in touch to learn more about how you can make a difference!

Stay in Touch

Get connected to our Network!  Our goal is to help connect organisations and tech education bodies with our wider community. Whether you are a company, run a club, or are looking for one – whether you are teaching in schools or studying – or if you are an adult who would like to learn something new, we want to make sure every single person in our community knows how to access tech learning!